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Bellevue | Villeroy & Boch Group glassware is made of crystal glass in Europe. Our crystal glass products have a neutral smell and taste and are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

  • Clean your glass product in the dishwasher or by hand using standard detergent before first use.
  • Dishwasher detergents in doses that are too high may leave residues on glass. Ideally choose a detergent that is particularly gentle on glass. Damage caused by hard water is prevented by using special dishwasher salt. Too much salt in the machine or a salt container that is not firmly closed can however cause white marks.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is set for the water hardness of your location. (Not too low (which is under 4°dH) but not too high (optimum 5°dH)). Limescale makes glass cloudy but can be prevented by using a suitable water softener.
  • The glasses permanently maintain their shine if they are dried after rinsing using a lint-free cloth.
  • Do not use damaged glassware! There is a risk of injury!
  • Wine stains are particularly difficult to remove once dried. To make cleaning as easy as possible the glassware should be rinsed with warm water straight after use.


  • We provide a 2-year guarantee for this product.
  • Please prove the date of the start of the warranty/guarantee by means of proof of purchase (receipt, invoice). Please keep these documents in a safe place.
  • The warranty or guarantee does not cover damage resulting from natural wear, inappropriate use or a lack of or incorrect maintenance.


Bellevue Villeroy & Boch Group cutlery, made from tough, stainless steel that is resistant to the acids in food, is ideal for daily use and suitable for the dishwasher. Here are a few tips and information about care and cleaning so you can enjoy your cutlery for many years to come.

  • Clean bits of food off directly after use so they cannot dry onto the cutlery.
  • Do not soak cutlery or store when wet.
  • Ideally put pieces of cutlery unsorted and handles down into the basket of the dishwasher. When the cleaning cycle has finished remove the cutlery and dry it if necessary.
  • Also refer to the user manual for your dishwasher. You should also check regularly that your machine has enough salt and rinse aid in it. If they run out this can sometimes lead to surface staining.
  • Make sure you never wash rust prone items in your dishwasher. This can lead to rust being spread around the machine and damaging your cutlery.
  • If stains have formed on the cutlery you can easily remove them using standard stainless steel care products, but don’t use any aggressive or abrasive cleaning products or wire wool.


We hope you enjoy using your „Bellevue“ cutlery every day.

The blades on all Bellevue household knives are made from highquality, special hardened knife steel (15 % chrome molybdenum vanadiumsteel). This material ensures particular sharpness and flexibility, corrosion resistance and prolonged durability. All knives from the Bellevue Villeroy & Boch Group brand are stainless and acid-resistant.

Washing in the dishwasher
All Bellevue Villeroy & Boch Group knives can be washed in the dishwasher (55 °C). We do however recommend gentler washing by hand. Lots of chemicals in the dishwasher can cause increased wear of blades and handles. The knife can also become blunt and so-called rust marks from the machine may be deposited on it. Therefore it is best to wash your knives under running water directly after use. Once dried, the knives can be used again straight away. Wooden or plastic cutting boards are preferable.

Always sharpen knives with smooth blades using a high-quality knife sharpener from the Bellevue Villeroy & Boch Group, because these are matched precisely to the steel of the blade and produce the best results.

Caution: blades are very sharp – risk of injury. Never store knives in the reach of children.

We wish you much joy with your new „Bellevue“ knives.

Bellevue Villeroy & Boch Group cookware, made from tough, stainless steel that is resistant to the acids in food, is ideal for daily use and suitable for the dishwasher.



Do not put salt into cold water but always into boiling water and stir. By adding salt to cold water an extremely high concentration of salt can form at the bottom, which can lead to traces of corrosion on the base of the pan. These changes in the stainless steel do not have any effect on the function or cooking properties. Depending on the use of the cookware, the handles can get hot. We recommend the use of oven gloves, especially when using on a gas hob or in an oven. Do not cool a hot glass lid in cold water since the lid can be damaged by the temperature shock. Do not cut in the pan and do not use any sharp utensils. Keep children and pets away from hot food (e.g. boiling liquids), hot hobs / ovens and hot pots and pans or supervise them at all times in order to prevent burns or other injuries. In order to prevent the cookware from overheating, please refer to the instructions for use from the manufacturer of the cooker. Never heat unattended, empty or at on highest level.



Only use standard household products to wash in the dishwasher using the dose recommended by the manufacturer; do not use any industrial detergent or highly concentrated cleaners. Non-stick cookware are suitable for the dishwasher. However, washing up by hand is recommended in order to ensure a long lifetime. Do not allow food to dry on. Do not keep food in the pan for a long time. This can cause marks and changes in the surface, particularly in stainless steel. It is easiest to clean the cookware if you put some water into it while it is still warm and leave it on the still warm stove and wash it up about 15 minutes later.

We hope you enjoy using your „Bellevue“ cookware every day.